Applied Chemistry

Principles of Chemistry for Chemical Workers

Principles of Chemistry for Chemical Workers


This course provides an overview of the fundamental principles of Chemistry for chemical workers.  In this course you will discover how the basic building blocks of matter come together to form the chemical compounds that are used and produced in Chemical Manufacturing.  You will learn about chemical reactions and how reactions can be controlled to produce a desired product.  Understanding the basic characteristics of chemicals and reactions is essential for helping chemical workers monitor and control chemical manufacturing processes.

For a short video demo of the content for Applied Chemistry, click on the link below.  (Be sure to turn on you speakers.)

Applied Chemistry Demo

Product Summary

  • Approximate Time : 11 Hours
  • Skills / Topics Covered :
    • Matter and Atomic Structure
    • Chemical Bonds and Molecules
    • States of Matter
    • Mixtures and Compounds
    • Acids and Bases
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Chemical Reactions
    • Reaction Rates and Equilibrium
  • Certificate for Completion
  • Certificate for Quiz Passed
  • 365 Day Pass

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