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60 Second Résumé to Go

Don't have time to attend a résumé workshop but would still like to have some suggestions for improvements? Bring your résumé and meet the Career Services staff for a speed résumé review. 

Be the STAR of Your Behavioral Interview

Come and discover how to use this valuable interviewing technique to land your next job! You will learn what employers expect of you during a job interview as well as tips and techniques for presenting yourself in the best possible way.  Join us and find out how to make a lasting impression on employers. 

Build a Résumé

Let us show you the building blocks needed to create a masterpiece résumé that will help you land your next job! In this workshop you will learn:

  • What employers are looking for when viewing résumés
  • How to make your résumé stand out from others
  • How to emphasize key skills, and résumé do's and don'ts, from choosing the right words to the importance of formatting the résumé correctly

Climbing Your Career Ladder

Struggling to achieve your career goals?  Let the Career Development Services Center help you develop a strategy to advance your career!

Creating a Competitive Résumé

Learn how to create a competitive résumé that can be used to market your skills to employers. Various types of résumés will be discussed along with the appropriate usage of each. You will also be provided an outline for preparing your own personal résumé and samples that can be used as a guide.

Finding Success in the Hidden Job Market

Learn how to use the most successful job search technique: networking. In this workshop, we will explore how you can use traditional networking as well as social networking to increase your job search potential. In addition, you will learn about the qualities that can make you especially marketable to employers.

How to Carefully Craft a Cover Letter

Are you struggling to find the right words for your cover letter?  Let us help you craft a cover letter that will describe your skill strengths and the many reasons why you are the best candidate for the job. Learn how to use your cover letter to intrigue hiring managers and leave them wanting to know more about you.

Job Search Strategies

Can't find a job? Let Career Services give you successful job search tips, which will help you market yourself to employers, utilize social media sites, and find the perfect job.

Jump Start Your Job Search

Have you been looking for a job the old-fashioned way without any success? Learn about the latest job search tools and techniques that will lead to greater results in this ever-changing world of job search.

Making the Most of a Career Fair

Join us as we provide tips and helpful hints for making the most of your career fair experience! You will learn how to:

  • Navigate your way through a career fair
  • Present yourself and your skills effectively
  • Network with employers
  • Follow-up with employers after the fair

Mock Interview Panel

Don't be caught off guard, attend this workshop to help prepare you for your next interview. From the time you walk in, your "mock interview" process has begun.  We will spend time with each participant and give feedback immediately.  Call 423-354-5167 to reserve your spot!

Practice Makes Perfect Interviewing Skills

Join Career Services as we share what employers are looking for in their new hires.  We will teach you how to prepare for your interview and give all the right answers to get the job you really want!

Résumé Check-Up

Is your résumé need a checkup? We can help! Bring in a copy of your current résumé and receive instant feedback and suggestions.

Résumés From Scratch

Writing the perfect résumé can be stressful, but with creativity and critical thinking, you can write a résumé that will show off your skills and impress employers.  At this workshop, you will learn everything needed to write a résumé.

Soft Skills in the Workplace

Employers are looking for candidates who will be a good “fit” within their company. Find out what qualities and characteristics are most sought after and how you can portray these qualities on the job. Learn how to impress employers with your soft skills such as problem-solving, flexibility, and leadership. 

Social Media: Think B4 U Post

Hiring managers are using social media to weed through their numerous applicants.  Join Career Services as we explain how to protect your reputation and make a professional impression on potential employers.

Surefire Ways to Get Hired

Need help hitting your job target?  In this workshop, we will provide tips and techniques to help you hit the mark with employers. Learn about the most effective job search strategies and how you can convince employers to give you a shot!

Winning Job Interview Tactics

Your job interview is no easy task!  Let the Career Development Services Center help prepare you for your next job interview.  We will discuss what employers look for in prospective employees and ways you can win the job offer.