On-The-Job Training (OJT)

Related Training & Instruction (RTI) combined with strategic structured On-the-Job training (OJT), is essential to complete a comprehensive training plan. The RCAM staff can help your organization develop a structured approach to meet your specific training needs. Choosing from the extensive library of On-the-Job (OJT) tasks, your team will be equipped to develop a plan that meets your training needs.

Demonstrating competency of these fundamental skills will ensure your maintenance team is ready to meet the challenges of the 21st-century industrial environment.

For more information, please contact the Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing at 423.354.5149.

Electrical Maintenance Tasks

  • Evaluate a Circuit
  • Wire and Evaluate a Motor
  • Read Electrical Schematics
  • Perform Single Stop_Start Station Wiring
  • Perform Multiple Stop_Start Station Wiring
  • Perform Electric Motor Testing
  • Install Control Circuit Wiring
  • Install Electric Motor Power Supply Wiring
  • Troubleshoot A DC Motor
  • Test for Electric Motor Fault
  • Reset Breakers, Test Fuses
  • Replace a Photo Eye and Switch
  • Calibrate and Adjust Meters
  • Wire a Circuit and Evaluate Contactors

Instrumentation & Control Tasks

  • Change Parameters in a Thermal Controller
  • Calibrate a Honeywell ST 3000 Smart Transmitter
  • Configure Software for PLC Hardware
  • Reset Temperature Controller Parameters
  • Configure a Variable-Speed Controller
  • Troubleshoot a Variable-Speed Controller
  • Input Frequency-Drive Parameters
  • Troubleshoot Ladder Logic
  • Make Software Backups

Mechanical Maintenance Tasks

  • Install a Belt-Driven Pulley
  • Fabricate Copper Tubing
  • Perform a Pneumatic Logics Test
  • Rebuild a Pneumatic Regulator
  • Rebuild a Pneumatic Valve
  • Rig and Lift a Shaft
  • Apply Torque
  • Align a Pump Installation (Dial Indicator)
  • Align a Pump Installation (Craft Instruments)
  • Inspect and Identify Bearings
  • Remove, Inspect, and Install a Bearing
  • Rebuild a Pneumatic Cylinder
  • Troubleshoot a Hydraulic System
  • Remove and Install a Valve
  • Rebuild a Positive-Displacement Piston Pump
  • Install and Align a Drive Mechanism
  • Rebuild a Rotary Valve
  • Cut and Thread Pipe
  • Replace Pump (or Valve) Packing
  • Rig and Lift Loads
  • Rebuild a Gearbox
  • Perform Drum Quality Control Measurements
  • Build a Piping Circuit