Chemical Distillation

Distillation processes and control systems

Distillation processes and control systems


This course introduces you to chemical distillation processes.  You will learn the basic principles, system components, and process measurement that is necessary for efficient distillation.  Equipment covered includes towers, reboilers, and condensers as well as azeotropic and extractive columns.  The different types of distillation control systems will also be explored.  The course includes column troubleshooting with distillation procedures and exercises.  Each topic will address functionality, performance, and safety guidelines.

For a short video demo of the content for Chemical Distillation, click on the link below.  (Be sure to turn on your speakers.)

Chemical Distillation Demo


Product Summary

  • Approximate Time : 10 Hours
  • Skills / Topics Covered :
    • Principals
    • Basic System Components
    • Process Measurement
    • Towers, Reboilers, and Condensers
    • Azeo and Extractive Columns
    • Distillation Control Systems
    • Column Troubleshooting
    • Procedures and Exercises
  • Certificate for Completion
  • Certificate for Quiz Passed
  • 365 Day Pass

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