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The General Technology program is designed for students who wish to complete a two-year degree applicable to immediate employment. The program allows students flexibility in selecting courses that can meet specific educational and employment goals. The program may be customized to allow students up to 36 semester credit hours of electives to meet specific career goals. A student who has completed a diploma program with at least 1,125 contact hours at a Tennessee Technology Center may receive credit toward the General Technology major by meeting specific requirements. Students must meet with a program advisor prior to beginning this course of study. All of Northeast State certificate programs may be applied to the General Technology degree. Students interested in the General Technology degree program should confer with the Dean of Business Technologies for individual assessment and advisement.

Program Competencies:

  1. Demonstrate and perform use of word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation graphics; the proper handling of computer media; and use of electronic mail and graphical internet.
  2. Demonstrate effective speech and written skills necessary for communication in the work force. 
  3. Apply critical thinking skills.
  4. Demonstrate and perform skills and techniques relative to area of study and specific career goals.

Program Content

Students enrolling in the General Technology program must also complete required General Education Courses.

INFS 1010 - Computer Applications (credits - 3)
ENGL 1010 - Composition I (credits - 3)
ENGL 1020 - Composition II (credits - 3)
ENGL 1410 - Technical Writing (credits - 3)
MATH 1010 - Mathematical Applications (credits - 3)
or higher
SPCH 2300 - Public Speaking (credits - 3)
Elective - Social/Behavioral Science (an approved elective from the general education core) (credits - 3)
Elective - Humanities (an approved elective from the general education core) (credits - 3)
Elective - Math or Natural Science (an approved elective from the general education core) (credits 3-4)
Articulated or Guided Electives (credits - 36)

Total Credit Hours - 60-61
(Additional courses may be required to overcome deficiencies in English, mathematics, and reading.

How to Apply

  • Indicate General Technology as the desired major on the Northeast State application form.
  • Meet with the Dean of Technical Education prior to registering for classes

For More Information

Please contact the following individuals for more information about this program:

Sam Rowell, Dean, Advanced Technologies

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