Maintenance Management

The RCAM Maintenance Management Series provides 41 hours of relevant online maintenance management training designed for the industrial maintenance professional. Developed by TPC Training Systems, and managed by the experienced RCAM staff, this package delivers improved maintenance performance for the complex industrial or commercial environments.

In this series, maintenance managers and supervisors will learn to better prepare their organizations for asset management success.

For more information, please contact the RCAM Programs & Services Coordinator at 423.354.5275.


Course Name and Description





Maintenance Organization



Covers the basic types of maintenance organizations. Discusses cost-saving concepts of using work order systems. Explains how to develop and use information sources to implement maintenance management. Shows how to apply work standards and planning procedures to simplify a supervisor’s job. Introduces the use of computers for first-line supervisors.



Implementing Preventive Maintenance



Covers what PM is and why it is necessary. Develops procedures for setting up a practical PM program, and describes effects of PM on scheduled and unscheduled work. Explains the requirements and advantages of the program as it applies to maintenance management. Provides information on the relationship of PM to production and quality control.



Controlling Maintenance Resources



Covers methods of using maintenance resources for greatest efficiency, and tells how to implement the techniques effectively. Explains what workload is and how to measure it. Provides a thorough investigation into the control of labor, parts, and materials—both in the field and in the shop. Examines the budget process and how to control costs through budgeting.



Improving Performance in Maintenance



Covers instructions to first-line supervisor in the strategies involved in improving performances, and presents proven methods for increasing maintenance productivity. Develops ways of evaluating training effectiveness and the management of time. Describes the information necessary to stimulate improvement in all facets of the maintenance program.



Effective Communication for Supervisors



Covers how to use verbal and written communication tools, including the importance of listening. Explains how to motivate personnel through effective communication. Discusses how to organize written communication, best utilizing the elements of writing—parts of speech, phrases, clauses, sentences, structure, punctuation, and syntax. Gives examples of business writing used for reporting progress and motivating employees.



Employee Relations



Defines the supervisor’s job in terms of maintenance planning, operations, and employee interaction. Demonstrates how good leadership requires administering discipline fairly, recognizing employee needs, and preventing employee strife. Discusses the basic information supervisors need in handling grievances and union disputes.



Managing a Training Program



Covers analysis of training needs. Describes various kinds of training and lists important steps in administering training. Compares group management techniques to self-study. Discusses the training environment. Examines how to keep training records and how to evaluate training results.


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